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Son of Galadahon and Elf Of Mystery, brother of Galathil. Used to be Galadriel's bitch and despite the title 'Lord OF Lorien' I was really the guy that just stood by her side and looked pretty and took people's coats. As a result of one of the possibly eight times we actually slept together out of boredom, Celebrian was born! Yay! And I had a beautiful little girl to love and spoil (and play in her hair).

Well, Galadriel fucked hobbits (or claimed to do so), I got pissed off and drunk quite frequently and then I ended up marrying Glorfie. Even though we fight at least three times a day and he still brings up Elrond(my son-in-law and best drag queen ever! XD) and is really REALLY sarcastic, I love him more than anything in this world. And he's really REALLY evil! I'm so proud! <3

(Edit: There's the heart and stop mocking my userinfo...it makes me sad.)

Due to some angsting, pathetic weakling force of evil I am mother to two potentially evil twins, Absinthe and Kubrick :) <3 family photo Family moment.

I am also the grandfather of Elladan, Elrohir, and Arwen. Elladan is usually dead or with his girlfriend, Elrohir is now evil, and Arwen isn't an alcoholic anymore.

Currently my best friend is my sister by adoption ,Finduilas..we drink together and are drunken movie and tea critics. Nelys and Jade are also my best friends even though we don't talk as much as we used too, and usually they aren't around as much.

And just for clarification... I never wanted to sleep withGoldberry. That is all.